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Revell Augusta Westland EH 101 Merlin HC3 !/72 Scale

The EH101, developed jointly by Agusta of Italy and GKN Westland Helicopters, combines military and civil variants in a single integrated program with an optional rear loading ramp and full ice protection system. The EH101 is now in full production in both Italy and the United Kingdom with launch orders for over 80 aircraft. The EH101 is the only new medium lift helicopter that is in full production and available in four variants.

The Integrated Development Programme (IDP) under which the EH101 was developed was an Anglo-Italian collaborative program. Each nation is currently procuring variants of the baseline helicopter. Maritime patrol variants of the aircraft have been ordered by the British Royal Navy and by the Italian Marina Militare Italiana (MMI). The MMI has also ordered the utility transport and enhanced air and surface surveillance variants and the British Royal Air Force has contracted for 22 EH101 SH (support helicopter) military utility aircraft.

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Airfix Boeing Vertol 107 Sea Knight 1/72 Scale

In 1960, Boeing bought Vertol, a helicopter manufacturer in Philadelphia, Pa. The company had three tandem-rotor helicopters under production: the Chinook for the Army, the Sea Knight for the Navy and the Marines, and the commercial 107-II for the airlines.

The twin-turbine tandem-rotor CH-46A Sea Knight won a design competition for a medium assault transport helicopter for the Marine Corps in 1961 and made its first flight in August 1962. The first U.S. Marine Corps Sea Knight was delivered in 1964 and began military service during the Vietnam War a year later, carrying troops and cargo to and from Navy ships in the China Sea.

By 1968, the Sea Knight had flown 75,000 hours on 180,000 missions, including 8,700 missions rescuing wounded Marines, and had carried 500,000 troops. Between 1964 and 1990, Boeing Vertol delivered over 600 Sea Knights. The passenger version of the Sea Knight, the Model 107-II, entered service with the New York Airways in July 1962. During the 1980s and 1990s, Boeing developed modification kits and upgrades to modernize the Sea Knights.

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Revell CH-47D Chinook US Army 1/72 Scale

The CH-47 Chinook helicopter is a twin-engine, tandem rotor, cargo helicopter. The Chinook helicopter's primary missions are movement of ammunition, repair parts, petroleum and tactical movement of artillery, troops, and special weapons on the battlefield.

The Chinook helicopter was designed in the 1950's and fielded in 1962. In 1975 a modernization program was approved to upgrade the CH-47A, B, and C models into a new "D" model configuration. The modernization includes new fiberglass rotor blades, transmission and drive systems, modularized hydraulics, electrical systems, advanced flight controls, triple hook cargo system, and an auxiliary power unit. These features greatly enhance reliability, maintainability, productivity, survivability, and safety of the medium-lift fleet.

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Heller Eurocopter Tiger 1/48 Scale

The Tiger Prototype 1 (PT1), first flew on 29 April 1991 and by December 1994 all four prototypes were airborne.

This new generation attack helicopter has been developed jointly by Eurocopter France (Aerospatiale) and Eurocopter Deutschland (MBB). The Tiger is being built in three variants, the PAH-2, HAC and HAP versions to undertake the anti-tank, close support and fighter helicopter roles. The Tiger will form the backbone of the German Heeresflieger anti-tank helicopter fleet (PAH-2) and the French ALAT fleet, undertaking both the antitank (HAC-3) and combat support role (HAP).

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Revell Eurocopter EC-135 ADAC 1/32 Scale

Built using composite materials, the EC-135 is a modern technology helicopter incorporating the latest in modular cockpit design and Anti-Resonance Isolation Systems etc. The tail-rotor has been replaced with a 10-blade advanced Fenestron and the helicopter incorporates the latest bearingless main rotor system. It can be powered with either Pratt & Whitney 206B, or Turbomeca Arrius 1B1 powerplants managed through a FADEC control system.

With an all-up-weight of 2485kg, the EC-135 has a larger cabin area than the Bo.108 and has been designed to accommodate seven adults or five in luxury club seats. Intended to replace the successful Bo.105 series, the EC-135 has been designed for reduced operator costs and to provide ease of maintenance.

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Italeri OH-13 Sioux 1/72 Scale

The Bell (model 47) H-13 Sioux, with a crew of three, was one of the most popular light utility helicopters ever built. The Bell model 47 was produced continuously from 1946 to 1973, and by Agusta, in Italy, through 1976. Produced in 20 different configurations, with model numbers ranging from A to T, the Bell model 47 was used in 40 countries. The combined total of commercial and military versions of this series was 5,000. The U.S. Army Air Force procured it's first YR-13 (model 47B) in December 1946. The OH-13 had a cruising speed of 85 mph (75 knots), with a range of 255 miles.

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Mi-17 Helicopter 1/72 Scale

The Mi-17 medium multi purpose helicopter is a deep modernization of the well-reputed Mi-8 rotorcraft. Its versatility and high performance characteristics made it the first popular helicopter in the world. Over 11,000 Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters have been produced to date. They are in service in 80 countries now.

At present, Kazan Helicopters serially produces three main modifications of the Mi-8 rotorcraft: Mi-17-1V, Mi-17-V5, and Mi-172.

The Mi-172 is a passenger version. It is intended for transportation of 26 passengers. Special VIP-versions for 7-11 passengers are also produced.

The Mi-17-V5 is a transport version. It is intended for cargo transportation inside the cabin and by the external sling. It can also be used for the transportation of 36 passengers.

The Mi-17-1V is a multipurpose helicopter. On the basis of this modification, various versions (military, flying hospital, etc.) can be produced.

Heller Humbrol Aerospatiale AS 350 Ecureuil 1/50 Scale

First flown in June 1974 the Ecureuil was designed for the civilian market and introduced many features including the Aerospatiale 'Starflex' rotor system. Built from composites/fibre-glass, the rotor head was designed without the need for conventional mechanical hinging. It used the inherent flexibility of laminated composites for movement. This replaced the old style bearings and introduced laminated self-lubricating bearings.

Fibre-glass was also used in the tail-rotor, formed by two blades attached to a composite beam which is both torsional and flexible and allowed the hinge system to be replaced. Aerospatiale also employed a large amount of composites within the fuselage, allowing for weight reduction, anti-corrosion and reduced operating costs. Powered by a single Turbomeca Arriel turbine-engine the AS.350 is produced in a civil and military variant and these have sold well overseas in both versions.

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